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2)   Bowel Preparation for colonoscopy

Purchase Colonoscopy Prepkit Orange from the Chemist
This contains GlycoPrep Orange 70g sachet and two PicoPrep 20g sachets. 


Two days before the examination: 

Stop all iron containing medications e.g. Ferrogradumet/Fefol
If you are diabetic, then you should have received special instructions regarding your diabetic medication. Continue with your other regular medication. 

Stop eating red meat and foods that contain a lot of fibre (brown bread, cereals, vegetables, fruits and Metamucil). Do not have anything with seeds in it.

You may eat eggs, steamed white fish, boiled chicken, cottage cheese, white bread, white pasta, white rice, clear jelly, well cooked pumpkin or peeled potato.

Make up the sachet of GlycoPrep Orange 70g with one litre of water following the instructions on the back of the packet. Chill in the refrigerator until required to drink. 

One day before the examination: 

Have only approved clear liquids These include water, clear fruit juices, jelly, black tea or coffee (no milk), Lucozade, clear soups, broth or clear bouillon, clear fruit cordials (clear lemon or lime). 

Add the entire contents of ONE sachet of PicoPrep to a glass of water (250ml). Stir until disolved. Drink the mixture gradually, but completely. This should be followed by adequate glasses of fluid (at least one glass per hour). This preparation will cause multiple bowel movements. 

GLYCOPREP Orange  (4.00 p.m.)
Remove the made up GlycoPrep Orange from the fridge and follow the instructions on the packet. You should try to drink a glass of the preparation every 15 minutes. If you start to feel nauseated slow down the rate of intake. 

Remember to keep yourself well hydrated. 

You may take your normal medications on the morning of the procedure with a sip of water.

General Advice:

If you are intolerant to bowel preparation ask about other formulations.

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